Can I delete a Lightspeed Ticket?

You made a mistake and you don't want your Lightspeed-ticket in your booking.
Is it Possible to delete this ticket in your booking? 

So can I delete a Lightspeed ticket?

Yes,  but not every platform has this possibility because it depends on two steps:

1/ Delete the ticket in Lightspeed - !! Be aware, not every LS-client has the ability to delete tickets. 

2/ Delete it in the Mancloud booking - !! Be aware, not every Mancloud client has the ability to delete tickets

3) The ticket is gone.


Why can't I only delete the ticket in Mancloud?

Because if you delete it only in Mancloud, after 4 hours, the ticket will be back in your booking because of the 4-hourly update that Lighspeed send to Mancloud

What If I don't have the ability to delete the Lighspeed ticket?

If you didn't make an invoice yet: Add a supplement to the booking (with the correct VAT) and put in a negative amount per VAT type. If you invoice afterwords, everything is clear on the invoice. 


If you already made an invoice: Make a credit note of your invoice. 



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