Export invoices to accounting-package: flow

1) Approve to export: On each invoice you can click on the 'arrow'-button ​​ . Click on that button and it will turn green, make the arrow of every invoice you want to invoice, green: Invoice per invoice 


Select all the invoice at one by clicking on the approve-button:  
Click the beginning and end invoice you want to invoice. 
(Yes, there is a limit of invoices you can approve at once)

2) Export to Winbooks: Click on the 'Export'-button:  
Every 'approved' invoice will be exported.​
(name on button depends on the package: winbooks, expert M, exact,...)
Be aware: all invoices stay in the tab 'invoices' and can be exported again when they are still green.

3) Export approved: Click on the 'Export approved'-button: 
Now you transfer all the exported invoices from the tab 'invoices' to the tab 'Exported': 
​ .

If the invoices are exported and they are in the tab exported, they are not in the tab 'invoices' anymore and can't be exported a second time.  By this button you preserve a good overview.




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