How to add an allocation to an existing Booking?

Add an allocation to an existing Booking

You have a booking and the guest want to book another room, how do you add an allocation to their existing booking? We discuss in this article two types:

- Normal Room

- Event/Meeting/Other room


Normal room

A. Go to editing Booking:
There are two ways to go there:

1/ Go in your booking and click on the 'edit' booking button: 

2/ Go in the roomrack and click on the pencil-button on the booking:

=> you get with both options the same window:

B. Click on the button: 'add allocation'

C. A new line (allocation) is added: the allocation will be automatic added with a new unit, but the same date, accommodation-type and rateplan like the accommodations above. You can change those features like you want.

- The !-triangle: Add an allocation with the same unit as the one above (ex. If you want a month rate and for eacht month another allocation):

- The lock: Lock the lock, if you don't want to let your allocation move by anyone in the roomrack:

For an event/meeting/other room:

There are two ways

1. Use the same options like mentioned above.


2. a/ Go in your Booking and click on the 'add allocation'-button 

b/ Choose your amount of 'extra allocations' , your accommodation-type and rate-plan

c/ Click on 'Add' : a new allocation is added without persons, so without price:

d/ You can add as much meals, supplements and receipts like you wil without a night added.


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