Booking month-rate

It is possible in Mancloud to  configure prices for a night, a week or a month.

Here you find more info about about the configuration, how to make a booking and how to invoice it if you want to sell your rooms per month. The week-rate goes by the same principle.

1\ Configuration 

First it is important that the month-rate is made correctly.
We advise you to ask us, because there has to be some changes: 

- New Accommodation type (vb. Apartment) inclusive the feature: booking by month (and not by unit)
- New rate plan (vb. month-rate)
- New prices (vb. 750) via the overrule option 'By Booking'

2\ How to add a Month-booking

When a month-rate is correctly made, it is possible to make a booking for a guest who stays, by example, 5 months.
We advise to make separate allocations for each month. So it is possible to invoice your guest each month. 
This how you do it easily, see the example at the end:

a. Go the booking form

b. Click on the triangle in the right corner,  just above the first booking line. (number 1) 

c. Fill in the first line (choose your accommodation type with the month rate an choose the right unit) 

d. Fill in the period for 1 month. Be aware: end just 1 month later, not the end of the month.
By example: start 01/06/2019 -> End: 01/07/2019. (number 2)

e. Add allocation (number 3): so you can make the booking for the next month: fill in the same accomodation-type, the same unit and the same rate plan. The only thing different is the date: take the next month. The end-date of the fist line is always the same of the begin-date of the second line.

f. Repeat step e for every month of rent. 

3/ Where can I see an overview of payment

You can find an overview of how many months your guest has payed in the balance of the check-in report.
Reports -> Guests and bookings -> Check - in

You can also see which parts are not yet invoiced in 'to be processed'.
Administration -> invoices -> To be processed

4/ How to invoice a month-rate-booking?

You can invoice each allocation separately and cross only the allocation that you want tot invoice.



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