How to merge a contact

What is merging a contact?

If you merge a contact, you combine two contacts that are the same. At he end one contact remains.

You can choose which information you transfer to the other contact. 

For Example: You have a contact named 'Frank Janssens'. You have all the information for Frank that you needed. Maybe the second time 'Frank' comes to your hotel, the colleague who is making the booking, doesn't know there is already a contact or doesn't find it. So he makes a new contact, with less info.
Now there are two contacts with the same name for the same person.
Now you can use the merge-button: You can merge the second contact with the first contact and the second contact disappears. Then you have only one contact for 'Frank' left.

BE AWARE: Once the contact is merged, there is only 1 contact left and the other contact with the not-merged information is gone. 

How do you merge a contact?

1/ Go to the Address book

2/ Search for the the contact that you want to merge (the double or wrong contact) 


3/ Here you have two options:

      A. Click on the merge button directly on the contact in the list


     B. OR open the contact-fiche and click on the merge-wizard-button (on your right)


4/ A pop-up appears: 

  4.1./ Choose to which contact you want to merge (the contact you chooses there, is the contact that will remain)
  4.2./ Choose which information you want to merge (only information that is not in the other contact)

5/ Save and close

6/ If you search for the contact again, you will only find 1 contact. The contact is merged! 

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