Why use the Housekeeping App?


What is the Housekeeping App?

In a nutshell

The Housekeeping App is a tool to help the front desk team to stay informed on the room status while the housekeeping team can use the app to organize the cleaning of the rooms. The Housekeeping App will show the housekeeping team which rooms should be cleaned and which type of cleaning applies (daily/hard cleaning for stay overs, departure cleaning and arrival cleaning). The housekeeping team will be able to register cleaned rooms. As the Housekeeping App is connected to ManCloud the front desk will be informed in real time on the room status (clean, dirty or in progress). 


  • Task checklist 
    If the housekeeping team checked all tasks = room status will change to 'clean'

  • Real time connection with the room rack
    Room status 'clean' = green square next to the room in the room rack

  • Four cleaning types
    Different checklists in terms of time and type of cleaning: stay over cleaning (daily and total cleaning), arrival (to check) & departure cleaning (total cleaning).

  • Report broken parts, lost items, wear,.. in the Housekeeping App and print out a maintenance report in ManCloud.

  • Check if the guest is in house
    The Housekeeping team will be able to check if the guest is still in house (red stripe on the right means that the guest is still in house):

  • Front desk notes
    Front desk can add notes to the reservation (in ManCloud) that are shown as a 'Front desk note' in the Housekeeping App. 

  • Housekeeping supplements
    In ManCloud you can mark specific supplements as important for housekeeping. This way these supplements are automatically shown in the Housekeeping App as a task once booked in a reservation in ManCloud.
  • Report broken parts 



First three months are free! 

From the 4th month on: €1/room (with a minimum of €20/mth)  

How can I set-up the housekeeping app?

In order to receive your Housekeeping App login please fill out this form.

After your registration you will receive an e-mail on how to download the application and how to log in. Soon after we will contact you to schedule an online training.



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