What is the Housekeeping App?


What is the Housekeeping App?

In a nutshell

The housekeeping app will help your cleaning team to do all the tasks when cleaning the hotel room.
It is a checklist of all the tasks,  a way to register cleaned rooms, an option to report lost & broken parts and to communicate directly with the cleaning team.



  • Task checklist 
    If the housekeeping team checked all tasks = room status will change to 'clean'

  • Realtime connection with the room rack
    Room status 'clean' = green square next to the room in the room rack

  • Four cleaning types
    Add the tasks to several checklist in terms of time and type of cleaning: daily, arrival, hard & departure cleaning

  • Report lost items

  • Timer
    Let your cleaning team time how long they are cleaning. 

  • Check if the guest is checked in
    A little key will colored red or green when the guest is checked in or checked out the room.

  • Notification
    Send a message to your housekeeping team while cleaning or the other way around.

  • Report broken parts


Download the app

You can download the app on your Phone and/or tablet.
The name of the application is 'Lobbi Housekeeping App', you can find it in
- the Android play store Image result for play store
- the Apple storeImage result for app store



First three months are free! 

From the 4th month on: €1/room (with a minimum of €20/mth)  

How can I set-up the housekeeping app?

Check the tutorial 'how to start with the housekeeping app'



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