How to begin with the Housekeeping App?

1st Step: Download the Application on your Telephone/Ipad

The App is available in the Play store Image result for play store under the name: Lobbi - Housekeeping App

The app is available in the App store Image result for app storeunder the name: Lobbi - Housekeeping App

BE AWARE: If you installed the app before 24/02/2019, re-install the app!  

2nd step: Ask for your Login

Before you can login, please ask us ( to create a login for the app


3th Step: Configuration of the Housekeeping App

1) Go in Mancloud to the Housekeeping sheet (Configuration -> Global -> housekeeping)

2) Choose the name of your Cleaning types. Default their are 4: Arrival, departure, soft and hard.
     The first task is the name of the type, you can't delete these. 

3) Choose the time-interval of the Soft and Hard cleaning:
     At the end of the page you see the two cleaning-types
     a. Click on the pencil
     b. The value is the amount of days as time-interval
         By example: Value of hard cleaning = 2 : Cleaners clean the rooms every 2 days hard.

4) Create your tasks for each type: 'task'-button

- Name = Name of the task

- Parent = The task belongs to which cleaning-type

- Position = The position of the task in the check-list
By example: You want that the cleaners check first the sheets and then the the minibar and next to the coffee machine...  

And then you get this: 


4th Step: Login on the app

1) Open the application

2) Fill in your hotel name

3) Push on continue

4) Fill in the user-name and password that is given to you

5) push again on continue

6) You can change you're passwords by clicking on the big A in the right corner (or settings in the menu)


5th Step: Use the different parts of the App


Here you see an overview of all the tasks with 

- Type of Cleaning

- Room

- Date on which the room has to be cleaned

- Status: The color shows in which status the task is:
               Red = Dirty
               Blue = In Progress
               Green = Cleaned

- Key: Shows of people are checked in or out:
          Red Key = People are checked in (and can be in the room)
          Green Key = People are checked out

A specific task

When you click on a task, you will see the task more in detail: 
You see a detailed description of the task-type and the different small task that have to been done.

Every time you have done a task: tick the small box 
=> By doing this, you change the status from dirty to In Progress.
=> If you have cleaned all the tasks, the status will change to Cleaned


In a specific task you find a red report-button

Here the housekeeping can sent a problem to hotelier with a photo:

Example: A damaged lamp Or A found scarf


There are two clocks:

1/ When you start a task and you tick the first task: the clock in the task will start.
    When you finish all your task. The clock will stop it self and will vanish.

2/ Another Clock is found at the end of the menu.
When you start your first task the big clock will run. You can stop the clock yourself when you stopped working.


Chat-application  between cleaners and hotelier - will be activated later.


When you want to at an extra comment for your cleaners - will be activated later.


6th Step: Housekeeping Report

Go to Reports  -> Housekeeping

There you find 2 reports: 

1/ Housekeeping report gives an overview of the housekeeping per Booking

2/ Housekeeping task report gives an overview of the housekeeping task per Room 

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