(Can't) Log in to ManCloud

You can't log in to ManCloud, there are 2 reasons: 

A. You haven't got an account in ManCloud yet

  1. Ask you're manager to send us an e-mail (support@mancloud.eu) with you're name and you're role in the company (management, reception...)
  2. When we made your user account: your manager gets an user name and a password and gives it to you
  3. login in ManCloud with the given user-e-mailadres and password
  4. you can change the password by clicking on the 'screw-and-hamer'-sign with the account prefecences in the right upper-corner
  5. there you can change you're preferences
    1. your're default langues
    2. the tab that you want to use as start-page
    3. Change you're username and password
  6. Save

B. You have an account but it is blocked

You have tried to much times to put in you're password? 2 options:

1. You ask you're manager to unblock you, they can do the following:

  1. Go to the tab 'Management'
  2. Go to the tab 'Users'
  3. Search the blocked user
  4. Click on the pencil at the right of the lign 
  5. A pop-up appears
  6. At the end of the pop-up there is a little box with a danger-triangle 'User account is locked' mceclip0.png
  7. Check the box at 'Reset failed logins'
  8. Save 
  9. You're account is activated again

2. If you're manager is not available contact us en we can do it (support@mancloud.eu)

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