Stripe pre-authorization



What is a pre-authorization?


All reservations must be guaranteed by a valid credit card at time of booking to adhere to proper card acceptance and validation norms defined by credit card associations.


Hotels reserve the right to either charge or pre-authorize the provided credit cards up to the full reservation amount at point of reservation to check the validity.  


A pre-authorization is a temporary hold of a specific chosen amount that is provided upon booking.
So it will temporarily reduce one's credit card limit.


The pre-authorized amount will drop off typically after 7 days.


But be ware: it is NOT a transaction charge and will not be reflected in one's credit card statement.


How to do and release a pre-authorization in ManCloud with Stripe?


  1. Go down to the 'administration'-part
  2. There you see an overview of the added credit cards in the section: 'credit-cards'
  3. Klik on the 'V' sign 
  4. Check the 'pre-authorization'- box
  5. Fill in the amount
  6. Choose the right credit-card
  7. Save
  8. There will follow a control-pop-up-screen
  9. Now you will see:
    • A green "v"-sign between the method and the green-circle-sign with a small white "v".
    • Under 'payed' you see in light grey the amount that is authorized
    • When you put your pointer on the green circle sign with a small white "v": you will see the details


How to release a pre-authorization?


  1. If you want to have more information: click on the 'open stripe dashboard'-button
  2. Go to your payments (left menu)
  3. To have a clear view in those payments:
    1. click on 'the filter'-button 
    2. Choose the 'captured'-option 
    3. Click on 'has not been captured'
    4. Click on done
  4. You see an overview of all the pre-autorisate paymens : Click on the pre-authorization that you want to manage
  5. You see:
    1. The amount
    2. The status of the authorization:
      1. Captured
      2. not yet caputered
    3. Stripe risk-evalution
  6. If you want to release the money:
    1. Click on the 3 little buttons on the right of the payment lign: "refund charge"
    2. click on 'release'- button in the detailed-view of the payment
  7. Choose the reason why you release the payment and click on the 'release'-button
  8. Now you see that the status of the payment is changed to 'released'



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