Self Check-in Activation and flow

Self Check-in Activation and flow

 1/ How to get started:

You can request a self check-in application by sending an e-mail to 
Our team wil set-up your self check-in platform.

Please provide us the Hotels' general terms and conditions, privacy policy and logo.


2/Flow - For individual reservations

When working with the self check in the guest wil receive a self check-in mail,  14 days prior to arrival 


When clicking on the button go to check in, the guest will be redirected to the self check in form.

This form will show all the contact details of the booker  / main contact.



On the next page the guest is able to add the missing personal information.

Mandatory information is marked with a *


In case of a corporate reservation, the guest also needs to specify the company details.



Contacts will be created or updated in the adress book of the PMS.

The added contacts will also be added to the reservation in the PMS.



Next, the guest needs to confirm the e-mail address and accept the general conditions.


On the following page the guest is able to add different guest(s) for each booked room, set the estimated time of arrival and add a comment for each individual room.
These comments are imported into the CRM of the reservation.




Once completed, the online check in is finalized.


The reservation status in the PMS room will be updated to Pre-Checked in.



3/Flow - For business reservations
Soon to be updated - we are still working on a different flow set.





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