How to invoice the Lightspeed-receipts, that are not on a booking, daily or single ?

It is possible to invoice the Lightspeed receipts/tickets that are not on a booking. 

In this article we will explain how to do this. The words receipt & ticket are equally here. 
a) Invoice one single receipt
b) Invoice multiple receipts as a daily invoice.

A) How to manage single receipts?

You can find all Lighspeed ticket in ManCloud under Administration -> Invoices & receipts -> receipts
With ALL receipts, we mean receipts that are on a booking & are not on a booking. 


Here you can use the 3 buttons on the end of every line: 

mceclip1.png1: Make a pdf of your receipt
2: Add a payment to this receipt 
3: Edit the invoice & make an invoice for a single receipt
4: Send a receipt toto Folio 

B) How to manage many receipts at the time?

It is also possible to invoice several receipts/tickets at one time.
You can do this in the POS report. You can find this report at Reports -> Administration -> POS


There you find a daily overview of all POS revenue of the selected period. 
For each day you'll find a split between receipts on room (that are invoiced) & receipts that are not put on a room (City ledger). Under need you find a split between all payment methods (of the city ledger receipts).


1: By clicking on the magnifying glass, you will get an overview of all receipts of that day (on room & not on room together).
2: By clicking on the Invoice sign, you can invoice all the receipts of that day, that are payed in Lighspeed, at once (no receipts on room).



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