How export to the accounting interface Winbooks

First select the invoices you want to export to accounting.

In ManCloud, go to administration - invoices and receipts - Invoices

Click on the icon from the status column to export the invoice


You can use the function approve to export, to select all invoices for a certain period.



Once you have selected the invoices, you click on the export button. 


A separate screen will open and shows the progress of the export.


At the end of the export you can download the files to import in your accountancy program.

The act file contains the revenue

The csf file contains the Client information

After you successfully imported the invoices, you can set the invoices Export approved.

The invoices will move to the tab 'Exported': ​ .

If the invoices are exported and they are in the tab exported, they are not in the tab 'invoices' anymore and can't be exported a second time.  

This way you preserve a good overview.

When importing the files, you need to start with the client information and afterwards the invoice information.

The information on how to import the files in Winbooks is provided by your Winbooks support team.


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