How to register a cleaned room



How to register a cleaning

In this article you will find out how the reception and cleaning team can use the housekeeping app.

There are four types of cleaning: arrival, departure, daily & hard cleaning. Arrival and departure cleaning checklists are automatically used for each check-in and check-out. A soft cleaning can be set and will appear every day during the stay (or any other frequency you configured), same for hard cleanings (hard cleanings are usually done during long stays). 

In the app and in the report you will find a daily overview of what has to be done that day.

Each type of cleaning consists of tasks and subtasks. Once all tasks are checked, the room will be marked as clean automatically. 


Tasks overview

In the 'Tasks' overview you will see all the rooms to be cleaned linked to a main task:


- Task: Arrival, Departure, Daily or Hard cleaning

- Room: Room number

- Deadline: Indicates when the room has to be clean

- Status: The color shows the status of the task:
               Red = Dirty
               Blue = In Progress
               Green = Cleaned

- Key sign on the right: Shows if people are already checked in or already left:
          Red Key = People are checked in 
          Green Key = People are checked out

How to register a task

When you open a task by clicking it, you will see a detailed description of the task and an overview of the subtasks: 

The housekeeping can tick the subtasks once completed
=> By doing this, the status changes from DirtyIn Progress.
=> If all the subtasks are done, the status will change to Cleaned

You can click also on the button: 'clean all tasks'

Screenshot_20190925-111852_Lobbi.jpg                               Screenshot_20190925-124115_Lobbi.jpg

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