How can the housekeeping team and receptionists communicate through the app

Communicating via the Housekeeping App 

There are multiple integrations in the app to give the reception and housekeeping the possibility to communicate and update each other. In this article you will find an overview of the different ways to communicate.

1/ Complete housekeeping tasks

By completing housekeeping tasks the room status changes in the app and in ManCloud


Green square = clean
Red square = dirty


2/ Report

In each specific task housekeeping can report a damage, lost item,... by clicking the red button 'Report'. Each remark consists of a priority, name, description & photo. The different types of remarks are:

  • Damage
  • Wear
  • Lost
  • Miscellaneous 


In ManCloud you will find an overview of this reporting under 'Reports > Housekeeping'


3/ Supplements & Notes


In ManCloud you can add supplements to a booking. Some supplements are important for housekeeping as there is a task linked to the supplement. In that case you can mark this supplement as an important remark for housekeeping mceclip1.png(in the configuration). When you book this supplement in a reservation it will appear automatically in the app. 


You can add a note to a booking via the CRM in the booking details. When you add the note and mark it as 'housekeeping'. The note will appear in the housekeeping app.

Both supplements and notes are marked with an exclamation mark:


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