How to create and modify housekeeping tasks and subtasks

After you have sent us a set-up request to connect the Housekeeping App with ManCloud we will personalize the housekeeping tasks. Afterwards you can still edit the tasks and subtasks via ManCloud. In this article we explain how to modify tasks.

How to modify housekeeping tasks? 

1) Go to the housekeeping configuration in ManCloud (Configuration -> Global -> Housekeeping)

2) First go to the cleaning types. There are four default cleanings: arrival, departure, daily, hard and dirty.



3) Choose the time schedule of the Daily and Hard cleaning and select the rooms that need this cleaning:
     a. Click on the pencil to edit
     b. The value is the frequency of the cleaning
         For example: Value of Soft cleaning = 1 : Housekeeping will do a soft cleaning every 1 day

     a. Set the name you want voor the task in the housekeeping app.


4) Create subtasks for each type: '+ task'-button (not mandatory, you can only use main tasks as well)

- Name= Name of the task

- Description= Provide more information on the task

- Categories list= choose to which cleaning type(s) this task should be linked



Modify the task by clicking the pencil.

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