How to work with the Housekeeping Report?

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Housekeeping Report

The housekeeping Report gives an overview off all tasks for each booking for each day in the mancloud Platform. You can add items & notes to specific bookings which appear on this report. The report is in direct connection with the App. What you see on the app, appears on the Report & the other way around.


Go to Reports  -> Housekeeping


Click on the button 'housekeeping' in the right on the roomrack


2 reports

Here you find two reports:

1/ Housekeeping report gives an overview of the housekeeping per Booking

2/ Housekeeping task report gives an overview of the housekeeping task per day



Additional Supplements

In every booking, you can add supplements. Some supplements have given a 'housekeeping mark':mceclip1.png

In the supplement configuration, you can add this mark, when you book this supplement, this will be added to the housekeeping report. 


Additional Notes

You can add a note in every booking, trough the CRM. When you add the note & you cross 'housekeeping'. The note will be added to the housekeeping report.




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