How to set up the Housekeeping App

How to set up the Housekeeping App

In this article you will find out how to download and configure the housekeeping app.
In order to use the app the housekeeping team will need a phone or tablet. 

For more information about how the housekeeping app can help you and your housekeeping team, check the tutorial 'what is the housekeeping app'


1/ Request your connection

You can request the connection with the Housekeeping App by filling out this form. You will receive your personal login shortly after the completion of this form.

2/ Download the application on your phone /  tablet.

Open your internet browser and go to ''. Click on 'Add lobbi to Home screen' to create the app. 


If you don't see this button you can click on mceclip1.png (for Safari) and choose 'Add to Home Screen':


The Housekeeping App should now appear on your home screen.



3/ How to login on the app

Once you've received your login you can access your Lobbi account:

1) Open the application

2) Fill out your hotel name > continue and fill out the username and password you've received from ManCloud.


3) You can change your password in the account settings in ManCloud (Configuration > Management > Users > Lobbi)


4/ Configuration of the Housekeeping App 

If necessary you can always add and change housekeeping tasks, you can find more information on how to do this here.

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