How To create an arrangement type



1/ Create an arrangement

Go to configuration > global > accommodations

A pop-up appears:

a. Create a name for the arrangement in the languages you apply in your platform

b. Enter the standard, minimum and maximum amount of guests.

c. Arrangements can be calculated per unit, per person, per month, per hour. Open the drop down menu to make your choice.

d. Tick 'overnight' if the arrangement includes a stay of minimum one night. 

e. Tick 'is active' if the arrangement is bookable 

f. Sometimes hostels let dorms which are female only, in that case you should tick 'is female'

g. Choose on which rate plan(s) this arrangement is applicable. Enter the allotment per rate plan. 

h. Choose the correct VAT percentage

i. Select a department code from the drop down menu

j. If you have a multi property platform you can either choose to apply this arrangement in only one of your properties or you can apply this on all locations by leaving this as a blank space

k. Enter the rooms that can be booked under this arrangement.

l. If some supplements are included in the package you can add these here. If you check the supplement it means it's included in the arrangement. 

--> If you want to include a new supplement you should configure this first:
      Check: How to create a new supplement

m. As wel as supplements you can add meals to arrangements. 

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