How to create a daily invoice


This feature gives you the possibility to create a daily invoice containing all the reservations of the day.

This is how you can create a daily invoice:

1) Go to 'Administration' > 'Invoices and receipts' > 'To be processed'

2) You can create a daily invoice by clicking the  icon:

3) A pop-up will appear:

4) Save and close

When using automatic invoicing a few rules need to be considered:

  • After a reservation has been put on the daily invoice, you can no longer edit the content of the bill.
  • Only individual bookings will appear on the daily invoice, contacts / guests with a VAT number need to be invoiced individually.
  • Bookings will only be added to the daily invoice if the total amount is paid. If there are outstanding amounts for the reservation and the daily invoice is already generated, you will need to invoice this reservation manually.

This is not a standard feature and can only be activated by ManCloud. Please let us know if you would like to use daily invoicing. 

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