How to compose an e-mail template


When sending an e-mail to a guest via mail contact (in booking details screen) you get a list with e-mail templates:

Besides standard templates (confirmation, cancellation, payment request,...) you can compose a personalized template yourself. If you send certain e-mails regularly you could spare time by making a template of this e-mail.  

1/ Go to configuration > mailbox > templates

2/ Add a template by clicking the button 'template'


3/ Choose a name (intern use) and a subject (subject of the e-mail you will send). The templates need to be composed in each language you use.


TIP 1: Here you can find key words to compose your own mail template.

TIP 2: Please note that it is better to paste your text as 'plain text' into ManCloud (check icon in the text editor toolbar of the template). If not you might get different font sizes even though the text seems uniform.

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