How to use the booking status


All the bookings are marked with a booking status. Each colour is linked to a different booking status. In the booking status frame on the right side of the screen you will find an overview of the bookings linked to the status.

 New: All new bookings that aren't already confirmed get a bleu color. You can easily confirm them all by clicking on the status 'new'. A list with all the new reservations appears. You can confirm bookings by clicking the  sign

 Expired: you can enter an expiry date when you add a new booking. It can be useful to set an expiry date in case the reservation is still an option and not confirmed by the guest, if you are awaiting an advance or in case you've send an offer and you want to receive a signed offer in return by a certain date. When the booking has expired you can either cancel the booking or you can contact the guest to ask for a signed offer, a credit card number or an advance to assure the booking.

 Modified: A reservation status turns red when the reservation has been modified by the guest (for example when the booking is modified via an online booking website)

 Pending: The guest received an offer or a request to pay an advance. The reservation is pending because we are awaiting an advance or a signed offer.

 Confirmed: The reservation has been confirmed.

 Advance: The hotel has received an advance payment. 

 Paid: The total sum of the booking has been paid.

 Cancelled: The reservations has been cancelled.

 Closed: This unit is closed for sale.

TIP: You can generate an overview of all the bookings within one status by simply clicking on the status in the status frame.

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