How to add a comment to a booking / contact


There are 4 ways to link a comment to a booking as shown in the pictures.

1/ Via the booking form

Click on the 'comment' button in the booking form to enter a note linked to the booking. 


2/ Via the booking details (2 options)

Or go to the booking details and click the 'comment' button or 'add comment' in the CRM part of the booking details.


3/ Via the quick links

Go on the booking and press the space-bar -> Click on the comment-sign

(see tutorial quick links)

All 4 options will lead to the same screen:

1. Enter your comment
2. Choose a room (if there are multiple rooms booked in one reservation)
3. Choose who needs to see the comment:

  • internal: for internal use only (for example: order taxi upon arrival)
  • external: the comment will appear in the communication to the guests
  • housekeeping: a comment that needs to appear in the housekeeping report (for example: baby bed)
  • administration: for internal use only (for example: invoice needs to be send to the company)
  • channel: comments imported from booking sites


If you want to enter a comment linked to a contact you need to enter it via the contact form. This note will appear every time the contact books a room in the hotel. You can enter a contact note immediately when you add the contact or you can enter it afterwards (edit contact).


Both comments will appear in the markup balloon in the room rack:

The info sign shows the contact note, the balloon sign shows the booking note.

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