How To generate and send an offer / contract (optional feature)

Please make sure that this option is activated and the template is loaded in ManCloud. (check under configuration/administration/offer)
Here's a step by step plan on how to generate and send the document.

1/ add the booking in ManCloud by clicking and completing the booking form.

2/ Now go to the booking screen of the reservation (search or click magnifying glass)

3/ Below in the booking screen, beneath the administration you will find the 'open offer', which you can open by clicking the magnfying glass.

4/ The offer pop-up will now appear with the standard text customized with all booking details. (Check out how to use key words in templates to customize).

You can edit the content of the offer if needed.

If the document is finalized click on 'generate document and print' or 'generate offer and mail' in the top right corner of your screen.

5/Depending on your choice a mail or a Print PDF pop-up will appear.

6/The offer/contract is also stored in the bookingscreen of the reservation, beneath the invoices. From here you can also send the PDF by mail.

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