How To include a supplement in an accommodation

Supplements can be added to the invoice manually but can also be invoiced on top or in the accommodation price. In that case it will be invoiced by default with every new booking of the accommodation eg. city tax, parking, etc


Here is how you can include a supplement in the package.


1/ First create the supplement that needs to be included. ( check How To create a supplement)


2/ Once the supplement is created you can include it in the accommodation price or the arrangement.




3/ Click to open the accommodation where you would like to add the default supplement.

-The “edit accommodation” screen appears-


4/ Go to the bottom of the screen to the section where you can add supplements

5/ Here you can select all existing supplements and add them to the accommodation by selecting them

  • Click the  to add a new supplement or the  to delete the supplement


  • Check (V) the supplement in case it is already calculated in the price of the accomodation and it's just part of the package


  • Uncheck ( )  the supplement in case it needs to be invoiced on top of the accommodation price by default


6/ Save and close to finalize.

NOTE: Please note that the billing cycle that is defined in the creation of the supplement (eg daily per person, daily per booking, etc) will be applied automatically.


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