How To register a payment


You can register a payment from the dashboard by clicking the  sign



You can also choose to register a payment from the reservation detail.

  • Search and select the booking or invoice for which you have received a payment. By -using the search box and typing the reference or name of the reservation -selecting the reservation from the available lists, dashboard or roomrack
  • Open the “current booking” screen by clicking on the  icon.

You can either link a payment to a booking by clicking on 'add a payment to this booking':


If there are multiple rooms linked to one booking you can either pay on booking level (as mentioned above) or you can register a payment on room level:

or you can link it directly to an invoice if you already have created one by clicking the  sign:


The “add a new payment” screen will appear

  • The full amount will be filled in by default. Type the amount actually received and fill in the payment method.
  •  You can also select the document to which the payment needs to be linked. (now or later)
  •  “save and close”

TIP: If you already have the credit card information you can choose to perform the payment by this card

The payment is registered and deducted from the outstanding amount.

You can always allocate a payment to a document by clicking on the pencil


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