How To manually add a new booking




New bookings can be added from within the room rack or by clicking on the add a booking button. The large button menu on the right in the room rack. 

1/ Click on add a booking in the room rack. 



on the side or the  in the roomrack


2/ A new booking form will appear

3/ Fill in the form


  • Start by searching or creating the contact:
    • If the contact is already in your adressbook: you can search it and click it
    • If the contact is not in your addressbook:
      • a) Click on the small '+'-sign on the left of the fill-in-space
      • b) Fill in the information that you have.
        Tip: The language that you choose is in which you want the documents for the client to be made. (Be aware: only the activated languages)
        Tip: Fill in the company afterwards in your addressbook
        Tip: A note can be handy: ex. Birthday tuesday Or, is a family with room 3, Or, Blacklist
      • c) Save and close
      • d) Put the name in the fill-in-space  

  • Choose a category  (if is important)

  • The code generates automatically

  • Booking channel is automatically 'Hotel' for manual bookings (If from an OTA: it will change automatically Ex. Booking)

  • Fill in an expiry date if needed. (option)
    This is the date when the confirmation of the booking fails. Ex: You have a booking in two weeks, you want an answer on the booking with a confirmation, at least a week before the arrival. So you can set your confirmation date in a week. If there is no answer by then, the booking will be in status cancelled.

  • Select the arrangement

  • In case you haven't allocate immediately select a unit
    Be aware: The units in red are not available on that date or on that arrangement

  • Fill in the arrival and departure date (you can specify arrival and departure time by clicking on the dates)

  • You can add extra units by clicking 'add allocation'. For the extra units you can choose different rate plans & dates.
    Tip: Save the first unit and then click on 'add location', so the new unit will be copied and the next free-room will be shown

  • Fill in the guestlist per room (how many adults, juniors and babies?)

  • click save and close.


TIP: Lock sign

You can use the lock to indicate that the booking can't be modified. When you check this box, you will not be able to drag and drop the reservation in the room rack. You can undo this setting by reopening the booking (pencil) and tick off this option. 


The booking will appear as following in the room rack:



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