How To make a proposal / offer


You can create a personalized offer for a booking (feature activated on request).

This offer template can be used for different types of documents; price offer, rental agreement, terms and conditions.

Once active it can be used to confirm the booking, instead of the regular confirmation mail. To create the document please follow the steps below.


  • Once the offer is sent/printed the status will turn pending .
  • Once the payment or the signed offer has arrived you can mark the offer confirmed .


Here are the steps to follow:


1/ First add the booking using the booking form.

2/ Save the booking

3/ Directly go to the current booking screen by using the magnifying glass .

4/ Go to the administration part of the current booking screen.

5/ You now see an offer is ready, open the personalized offer by clicking on the magnifying glass

6/ The offer ‘pop-up’ now appears.

7/ You can click “generate / print” or “generate / mail” the offer.


NOTE: You can also use the ‘confirm by offer’ template by going to the confirmation screen.

8/ After printing or sending the offer, the offer is also stored as a PDF file in the current booking screen

9/ Once the advance payment is on your account or the signed offer has arrived, you change the status of the offer into ‘CONFIRMED’ by

  • clicking the  icon next to offer.
  • OR re-confirm the booking and send a confirmation 'confirm by send offer' ->

10/ The  icon next to offer will turn green.


You now made an offer and you confirmed by offer.

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