How To create an invoice for a booking



1/ Select the booking for which you want to create an invoice. 

  • By using the search box and typing the reference or name of the reservation.
  • By selecting the reservation from the available lists, dashboard or roomrack.

2/ Open the booking screen 


3/ Go to the administration section of the “booking screen”

  • press “Edit invoice” on the right of the invoice details

=> in case you want to modify the content.

  • press “Generate invoice”

=> to generate the PDF right away

The “create invoice” screen will then appear

4/ Here you can split the invoice if needed; on item level or room level. You can also select the registered payments and switch contacts (if guests are registered or contacts are linked).  


=>All checked items will be invoiced, all unchecked will remain on the booking balance.


6/ “Save and close” to generate the PDF or press “Edit PDF” to add notes or refs in the document.


7/ The PDF will pop-up and you can print it right away or save it to disk.

8/ The document is also visible in the booking screen, under documents where you can print or send it by email directly from the booking screen. 


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