How To create a seperate invoice / offer without a booking



Sometimes you might want to create an invoice for a non-guest or a guest who is not linked to a booking.

This is perfectly possible, this revenue will be counted in your reporting and the invoice will be numbered like the regular invoices. It will also be added to the invoices list for your follow up.

To create a seperate invoice, please follow the steps below:

1/ Go to administration / invoices

2/ Click on create invoice, the button on the right.

The “create invoice” screen will appear

3/ Search for an existing contact by typing in the name in search box or create a new contact by clicking   ( in that case you need to complete the new customer form first)

4/ Then select the type of ‘individual’ document you wish to create from the drop down menu. Invoice, Offer, Bill

5/ Press “Save and close”.


The edit document screen will appear.

7/ Add a description and select existing supplements, price manually and select a (mandatory) department code.


8/ Saving the changes will give you a new empty line to fill in.


9/ Generate the document


-The invoice is now ready in the administration section of the current screen.

( to print or email the invoice,  open it and press the “print” or “email” button )


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