How To create a new supplement



1.  Add a new supplement

Go to configuration > global > supplement

Add a new supplement:

A pop-up appears:

a/ Start by giving in the name of the new supplement. Use translations for the languages you use in your platform. 

b/ You can put the supplements in categories if you like. You can create additional categories by clicking on the  (if you create a new categorie you need to perform a save to see the new categorie in the dropdown list, to be able to select it).

c/ Determine the VAT% (if you create a new % you need to perform a save to see the new % in the dropdown list, to be able to select it).

d/ Choose a billing plan in the drop down menu. A supplement needs to be fixed unless it's included in an arrangement.

Automatic calculation is only applied when the supplement is part of an arrangement and is billed automatically together with the stay items.

e/ Select the proper department code in order to structure all revenue streams and reporting.

g/ You can mark if a supplement is used a lot and needs to be placed with the favorite supplements for quick acces.: star

h/ You can mark housekeeping if the supplement requires preparation or if housekeeping needs to be informed in any way. This will be put on the housekeeping report: woman

i/ Save and close; the supplement is now ready to be priced.


2. Add a price to the supplement

Go to configuration > pricing > supplement

Add a supplement price:


a/ Choose the created supplement in the drop down menu

b/ Enter the price

c/ Select the rateplan for which this price applies

d/ Enter a start and end date

e/ Guest category is only needed when you work with prices per type of guests

The supplement is now created and is priced.

3. Extra info 

Let a Supplement add automatically with a booking:

- Add the supplement city tax with the accommodation type

- Add the meal Breakfast with the preferred rateplan

Let a Supplement add when a customer want to book it online:

- When you work with cubilis: add the supplement in Cubilis under 'extra's' and fill in the ID in Mancloud.
- When you want to have a discount: add the a negative price in Mancloud + Fill in the ID in Mancloud + Select the correct calculation (ex. percentage of daily stay)

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    When you compose a package out of different supplements (arrangement)
    you can now select if the supplement needs to be invoiced 'on top' or 'included' in the package price.

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