How To confirm a booking

Confirm a booking


1/ Search the booking you want to confirm. 


Type the name or reference number in the search box and open the booking screen.

Or select the reservation from the roomrack and open the booking form (pencil) or -screen (magnifier)


The “ booking screen” will now appear


2/ Press the “Confirm booking” button in the top right corner of the screen.


The “confirm a booking screen” will now appear


3/ Select the way you want to confirm. ( 4 options ).

a. Confirm the booking right away. ( trusted  )

b. Ask for an advance payment. ( advanced )

c. Credit Card check ( mail confirming the credit card details )

d. Invalid credit card / advance request ( no valid CC, request bank transfer )


4/ The mail template is loaded, personalize the content if needed and click send.


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