How To cancel a booking

Follow the steps below to cancel a booking and use the proper cancellation mail.


1/ Find the booking you wish to cancel.  (roomrack, search box, lists / status )


2/ Open the “Current booking” screen by pressing the icon (magnifier) or open the booking form (pencil)


3/ Press the “cancel booking” button on the right of the screen.

The “cancel current booking” screen appears

4/ There are 4 options to cancel the booking (if all are being used)

  1. Cancel the booking by the house
  2. Invalid credit card
  3. No Show
  4. Charge first night.


-Depending on the circumstances and the policy of the hotel, a selection is to be made


5/ Click save and close


The mailtemplate now appears


6/ click send email.


7/ The reservation is now cancelled and is removed from the roomrack.


8/ If needed an invoice can be sent by mail, either by using a blanc invoice with a supplement ‘no show’ or by editing the invoice of the booking.


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