How To allocate an online booking

Allocate an online booking*


*Online bookings can be allocated automatically. Contact ManCloud to activate.


There are two ways to alllocate a booking when it’s not done automatically.


  • Option 1: open the booking form (pencil) and select a room manually.
  • Option 2: drag and drop the booking form the waiting zone into the roomrack.


Option 1: By manual allocation

When a booking enters ManCloud from the website or through the channel manager, you have the choice if you want to manually allocate or if a room can be allocated automatically. This is configurated by ManCloud during set-up. If you wish to allocate manually the online bookings will be parked on the right hand side of the roomrack.



To allocate a room manually follow the steps below.


1/ Go to the unallocated bookings on the right of the roomrack and select the booking you wish to allocate.

2/Open the “edit booking” window by clicking on the pencil.


3/ Check all booking details and choose the room number you wish to allocate to this booking.

-->If the arrangement does not match the room it will be marked in red and you will be unable to close the booking form.


4/ “Save and close” to finalize the allocation of the booking.


The booking will now appear in the roomrack.

Option 2: By drag and drop: You can drag and drop an un-allocated booking in the roomrack. But you can only do so if the roomrack is set on the proper period. Follow the steps below to learn how to drag and drop in the roomrack.


1/ Select the proper date in the roomrack by using the datepicker top center of your roomrack


2/ Go to the waiting zone for unallocated bookings, on the righthand side in the roomrack.

3/ Pick up the booking by clicking on the pencil and holding it.

4/ Now hoover with your mouse to the room you wish to allocate and drop the booking.

5/ You will notice that you can only drop on rooms that correspond with the booking details.


The booking will now appear in the roomrack.


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