How To add a supplement to an invoice

You can easily add extra's to the invoice in one click by using the pre-configurated supplements.
You can add these to the invoice as follows:


1/ Search the booking for which you want to add a supplement (in the searchbox, roomrack or dashboard)


2/ Open the “current booking” (magnifier) screen or the “edit booking” (pencil) screen.


3/ Press the “add supplement” button on the right.

The add a supplement screen now appears.


4/ Select or search the supplement and click to determine the amount. You can also edit the values in the cells.

  • The supplements can be categorized, you simply click on the category to open more supplements.
  • Favorites can be regrouped under the first tab for quick selection.
  • The 'needed at' date is used in case you add a supplement for which Housekeeping needs to be informed.  e.g. flowers, baby bed, etc


5/ Save and close


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