How To create and relate a new contact

Create and relate a new contact


For example you have a new guest that is staying but a company is paying the bills.
You want to relate these 2 contact so you are able to invoice to the company.
You can create a new contact during the creation of the new booking and you link the contact from the contact form.

1/ Search and select the contact form of the company / organisation by using the search function.


2/ Select the contact and click on the name


The “contact form” will now appear.


3/ Click on add a related contact to create the related contact


4/ A new contact form will appear, fill in the fields.


5/ Save and close. The new contact is now created and linked to the company.


6/ All related contacts can be found in the contact form. You can select a main contact in case administration and communication needs to be sent to the same person for all related contacts.





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