How To create an arrangement price


!! Before adding supplements/meals to an arrangement make sure to check whether there are already supplements/meals included in the rate plan. You should either include them into an arrangement or into a rate plan, not both. 

2/ Create an arrangement price

Go to: configuration > pricing > accommodation

A pop-up appears:

a. Choose a guest category, this is linked to the guest list you fill in in the booking form

b. Choose the arrangement you've created

c. Select a start and end date of this arrangement

d. Select a rate plan linked to this arrangement

e. The 'overrule by' function can be used to configure a price for long stays (for example a monthly rate)

f. Enter the prices (low, medium and high season prices)

g. Enter a minimum stay (night/s) and maximum stay (if necessary)

h. If the arrangement can be booked as a single room enter the amount that has to be deducted from the price you've entered in step f

i. If the arrangement can be booked as triple/quadruple enter the supplement of one extra person here.


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