Payment Provider / PCI compliance

Due to the restrictions from the Payment Card Industry (PCI) it is not longer possible to use credit card data without a certified payment provider.

Therefor you need to connect / setup an account with a supported payment provider.  The payment provider will allow you to process the payment from within the PMS, so you no longer need a device.

Currently we support Stripe and SysPay.  Have a look at their websites to see which provider suits you best.

All supported payment providers offer functionalities to save credit card data, charge the card, make an authorization (or reserve an amount) and refund payments if needed.

Main differences between Stripe and SysPay





Free tokenization of card data

+ + Store credit card data securely for later use without extra costs

Authorize amount on card

+ + Reserve a certain amount on the card, free of charge

Refunding charges

+ + Allows to refund charges 

Advanced booking validation

- + Extra checks on booking date, amount and guest details to provide feedback about the liability of a card

Monthly fee

- + A monthly fee charged on top of the commissions and costs

Retrieve full card details

- +

Allows retrieval of full card details to eg. use the card on a hardware terminal

Charge costs

0.35€ 0.50€ Fixed cost per successful charge
Card comission 0.9-2.9% 1.5-3%

Commission percentage depending on the card type and region. 





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