How to create a new rate plan



1/ Create a rate plan

Go to configuration > pricing > rate plan

Click on 'Rateplan' to create a new one


  1. Enter a name
  2. Enter a location if this is applicable (only applicable for multiple location platforms)
  3. Check the correct checkbox:
    • refundable : if it's a refundable rate plan, don't tick if it's non-refundable
    • default : when this is the default rate plan (Remark: you can configure only 1 standard rate plan)
    • active : when this rate plan is active at the moment
  4. If there are meals included:
    • Select them in the 'meals section'. (You can add multiple meals)
    • Meal is included in the total price : you can check the first box. If the price of the meal should be calculated on top of the total price then not check the first box.
    • Meal should be served every day : check the second box, if not tick off and select which day the meal should be served.
    • If you've selected multiple meals indicate which one will be served first
  5. Add a supplement if it's default included in the rate plan.
    • Tick the box if the price of the supplement is included in the total price of the arrangement. Channel list will be filled in by ManCloud if applicable (if linked to your channel manager)


2/ Add prices to your rate plan

Go to Configuration -> pricing -> accommodation 

Click on add price: mceclip1.png

  1. Choose your arrangement type
  2. Choose your period off activation (make it so large as possible)
  3. Choose your rate plan
  4. Insert your price for the three season for each day. (prices for 2 people)
  5. Fill in the minimum and maximum stay. ( -1 = not open for check-in)
  6. Fill in the discount or extra amount, when someone is booking a room alone. 
  7. Fill in the discount or extra amount, when an extra person is staying in the room (a third person by example with a triple room)
  8. When you filled everything from the default rate, you can add calculations for another (the not default rate) ex. -10%


3/ Add your rate plan to your accommodation types

  1.  Go to configuration -> Global -> accommodation
  2. Click on the pencil of every accommodation type you added prices for.
  3. Click on the little plus to add the allotment + choose the rateplan + fill in the allotmentmceclip3.png


4/ Online bookable?

If you want to add this rate plan online? 

1) Octorate customer? Ask us to make the rate plan in Octorate

2) No Octorate customer? Ask your channel manager to add the rate plan and send us the Channel ID




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